The fleet of Zeaborn Ship Management is chartered to ship operators who are among the world’s best. We take it as an obligation. About 4,000 seafarers employed by Zeaborn Ship Management are working on our managed vessels at sea day by day to meet our customers’ expectations in terms of quality, precision, reliability and economic viability.

Our crew management network is managed by Zeaborn Crew Management. The company works together with different crewing agencies: ZEABORN Marine Services (Philippines) , Alpha Navigation/ Ukraine and Smart Group/ Romania.

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All other nationalities are managed from our headquarters in Hamburg.

No Vacancies

Thank you for your interest in Zeaborn Ship Management. Currently we have no vacancies.


Career Planning

Giving seafarers opportunities to grow as professionals along with the resources they need to be in control of their own career is vital. We put great emphasis on performance reviews and your personal career development, offering a wide range of training programmes.

Personnel Development

Certified, state-of-the-art advanced training courses are provided to our seafarers. Our curricula are tailored to the needs of crews and designed to support individual talent development. This way we make sure all seafarers at Zeaborn Ship Management are ideally prepared for service on board our ships.

The following fields are covered:

  • Tailor-made ship handling courses for container & bulk vessels
  • Engine simulator courses for electronically controlled engines
  • Energy efficiency training
  • Mooring training
  • Bridge Resource Management training
  • Fleet Officer Meetings to network between ship & shore personnel
  • Leadership & intercultural communication

At Zeaborn Ship Management personnel development is a top priority. To improve communication between crews and shore-based personnel, Zeaborn Ship Management has established a Performance Support Programme (PSP). Knowing the operations on board, former Masters and Chief Engineers were specifically trained to sharpen the awareness of the crew regarding the expectations of the company and our customers with respect to safe and efficient operations. The PSP’s objective is to improve the performance of every individual crew member and thus the overall vessel’s performance.


New Fitness programme for the entire crew

Zeaborn Ship Management focuses on company health management ashore for some time now. In order to offer a comparable service to the crews a special fitness programme for seafarers has been created - tailor-made for their needs on board.

The programme consists of three videos, which have been developed together with Move UP, a company focusing on operational health management. Crew members can load the videos onto their mobile devices and at all times have their personal trainer with them on board or at home.

Each programme lasts about 20 minutes: a warm-up is followed by eleven minutes High Intensity Interval Training and ends with a cool-down phase.

Exercise has a wide-ranging effect in daily life: it supports physical fitness, promotes sleep and daily routines seems less demanding. Active relaxing is also an important part of the programme: breathing exercises, yoga and meditation provide relief from partly strenuous tasks.

The training videos are available at:

Winner of the Human Resources Excellence Award

ZEABORN Ship Management and Move UP won the Human Resources Excellence Award in the category 'Occupational Health Management' for the tailor-made health programme for seafarers 'MOVE ON BOARD'. Read more in our press release

Beate Killinger

Beate Killinger

Fleet Personnel Officer
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