Zeaborn Ship Management is a global leader in ship management with a diverse fleet of containerships, bulk carriers, multipurpose vessels and tankers. For the last decades we have been putting our shipping expertise at the service of our customers.

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„Having a designated contact person within the Customer Relations Department which is available to us 24/7 gives us as liner operator the comfort that our matters a being handled in a very professional, efficient and timely manner. Service reliability is crucial for us to ensure that cargo is delivered to our customers in time.“

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Commercial Management

Chartering and Marine Operations & Marine Accounting are two business units of Zeaborn Ship Managment which work closely with customers to develop strategies for maximum business success.

Chartering & Charter Control

Chartering is very much a matter of mutual trust. Hence Zeaborn Ship Managment maintains close and direct relationships with all leading operators in the industry. Based on decades of experience, Zeaborn Ship Managment knows how to achieve sustainable vessel performance, always working closely with the charterer and keeping information flows transparent. The Chartering Department:

  • develops and discusses the chartering strategy with owners to optimise asset deployment, ensuring sustainable and solid revenues
  • Constantly communicates with charterers and brokers to plan and evaluate the right employments
  • Negotiates, concludes and executes the charter party terms
  • Offers a global presence through its affiliated ship broker Harper Petersen with offices in Hamburg, Singapore and Shanghai
  • Ensuring budget and cash flow sensitive marine accounting to enhance asset performance and protection

Marine Operations

Marine Operations provides comprehensive after-sales service to customers They are Zeaborn Ship Management’s dedicated team to handle post-fixture matters. In particular, the responsibilities include:

  • Coordination between owners, charterers and the vessel to ensure smooth operations
  • Practical implementation of charter party conditions
  • Developing flexible and profitable solutions  in the best interest of both the charterer and the owner


More Cargo. Less Fuel. Full Transparency. Continuous improvements help you stay ahead in
competition. We know the full range of what is possible. As one of the world’s first providers
of ship management services we introduced tailored modification programmes that deliver
short-term return on investment.

Vessel Performance Monitoring Center

Fuel consumption not only represents the lion’s share of a ship’s operating costs, it also has a direct impact on the vessel’s environmental footprint, a factor of ever increasing importance. To thoroughly understand the implications you need solid, reliable, reproducible data. From bunkering and trimming through to route planning and selecting cruising speeds, Zeaborn Ship Management’s Vessel Performance Monitoring Center (VPMC) continuously checks vessel operation to reveal the weak spots in the operating profile.

The VPMC will then analyse the data to clearly identify all on-board units which unnecessarily consume energy. Transparent data reports show where you need to intervene to improve energy efficiency and to ensure optimal performance. Furthermore, our experts will support you in implementing the required steps, from crew training through ensuring optimised performance in daily operations. All in, full transparency, fully supported by relevant data.

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Optimisation of Earnings

Zeaborn Ship Management offers a wide range of options to enhance energy efficiency and boost earnings by operating vessels at optimal capacity.

We help our customers maximise the commercial potential of their vessels with minimal modifications of existing equipment while strictly adhering to the highest safety standards. Examples include:

  • Widening/lengthening to adapt to new panama canal dimensions
  • Air draft reduction & increase of wheelhouse elevation
  • Increased reefer intake
  • Route-specific container stowage
  • Optimisation of loading condition
  • ​Capacity maximisation
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Achieving Exceptional Cost Savings

Our track record speaks for itself: Since 2014 we have carried out 25 bulbous bow and 30 propeller modifications – one per month on average. The company was the first one world-wide to earn the classification society DNV GL’s “Modification Excellence Award”. 

Having retrofitted a large number of vessels with redesigned bulbous bows and propellers, we have the expertise to deliver sustainable results. In addition to these energy efficiency enhancing modifications, Zeaborn Ship Management has implemented numerous measures to improve ship flexibility and profitability, including draft increase, air draft reduction, Panama conversion, modification for ECA compliance and fuel flexibility. To express it in figures, between 2014 and 2015 we were able to save over 10 per cent on fuel costs over its entire fleet through different energy efficiency measures.




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Senior Vice President Key Account Management & Customer Relations
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