“I would like to take this opportunity to say how well the handover went, and a big thank you to your crew and team onboard for the smooth transition.“

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Our Philosophy

At Zeaborn Ship Management we know about the importance of good crew management. Our current pool of seafarers includes about 4,000 highly skilled staff, whether on board or on temporary leave. All key crewing activities are handled in-house by our own experts, ensuring personal accountability. 

Diversity is at the heart of our corporate culture. We welcome the opportunity to work with people from a broad spectrum of professional and cultural backgrounds.

We care about your safety. The well-being of our crews is a top priority on our agenda. This is one of the reasons DNV GL awarded us DNV GL Excellence – 5 Stars’ certificate which attests to reliable ship operation and confirms adherence to an established set of above-average safety, environmental and quality standards.


Advanced Crewing Concepts

Zeaborn Ship Management offers its customers a wide range of crewing options. Based on the requirements of the given vessel and trade as well as the specifications of the vessel owner and charterer, we provide appropriately qualified staff from Europe or Asia.

Through our own manning organisation in the Philippines we have direct access to the local employment market. We also work with selected, proven agencies in Ukraine and Romania who have earned our trust over many years of service.

Crew retention is a key metric for employment quality. By offering a positive work environment on board and continuous personnel development programmes for our crews, we make sure they feel well taken care of and are motivated to give their best.

Get to know our people

Jan Nikko Barredo Baguio, 3rd Officer
Michael Langhans, Master

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Training / Career Planning

It is vital to provide seafarers with opportunities to grow as professionals and to give them access to the resources they need to drive their own careers. We put great emphasis on performance reviews and career development, offering a wide range of advanced training programmes.

All our seafarers take part in certified, state-of-the-art training courses. Our curricula are tailored to the needs of our crews and designed to support individual talent development. This way we make sure all seafarers at Zeaborn Ship Management are ideally prepared for service on board our ships.

Our training programmes include: 

  • tailor-made ship handling courses for container and bulk vessels
  • engine simulator courses for electronically controlled engines
  • energy efficiency training
  • mooring training
  • Bridge Resource Management training. 
  • energy efficiency training

We also hold regular Fleet Officer Meetings to support interaction between our ship and shore personnel, and foster an open-door culture at all levels of leadership while encouraging intercultural communication.


Fitness programme for the entire crew

Zeaborn Ship Management focuses on company health management ashore for some time now. In order to offer a comparable service to the crews a special fitness programme for seafarers has been created - tailor-made for their needs on board.

Both the MOVE and MENTAL FITNESS programmes consist of various videos, which have been developed together with Move UP, a company focusing on operational health management. Crew members can load the videos onto their mobile devices and at all times have their personal trainer with them on board or at home.

Programme MOVE: Each of the three video lasts about 20 minutes. A warm-up is followed by eleven minutes High Intensity Interval Training and ends with a cool-down phase.

Exercise has a wide-ranging effect in daily life: it supports physical fitness, promotes sleep and daily routines seems less demanding. Active relaxing is also an important part of the programme: breathing exercises, yoga and meditation provide relief from partly strenuous tasks.

Programme MENTAL FITNESS: The three videos aim to enhance the overall wellbeing on board and support when it comes to fatigue symptoms. The first video provides techniques, which help to stay active, alert and focused whenever a seafarer feels tired during the day. In the second video the crew is taught techniques which help to relax, calm down and regenerate efficiently whenever the seafarer feels stressed, wants to have a rest or sleep.

The training videos are available at: or on our YouTube channel.

Winner of the Human Resources Excellence Award

ZEABORN Ship Management and Move UP won the Human Resources Excellence Award in the category 'Occupational Health Management' for the tailor-made health programme for seafarers 'MOVE ON BOARD'. Read more in our press release




Zeaborn Ship Management strictly adheres to all applicable safety standards to minimise threats and risks to crew, ships and cargo, the environment and ultimately, our customers. We are committed to ensuring compliance with national and international rules and regulations on board our ships, wherever they go.

Safety Celebration Zeaborn24

Zeaborn Ship Management has a very clear focus on safety and health. To further enhance the safety awareness of all employees ashore and at sea, we recently performed our first noon-to-noon safety celebration “ZEABORN 24” under the motto of: 'Safety @ ZEA brings you home safely'.

Within 24 hours, management representatives of Zeaborn Ship Management called the seagoing staff on board our managed fleet to personally talk about how to think and handle safety, and to figure out what safety means to each one of us or within our teams.

A great success and experience for all of us, as the event was very well received both at sea and ashore. The colleagues in our dedicated call center were frequently visited and supported by other employees during their telephone sessions. Over the entire period, exciting discussions about safety were conducted and exchanged.

In the past weeks, we had also invited all colleagues at sea and ashore to provide us with short video clips about safety.

Your wellbeing at sea

Our crews can count on Zeaborn Ship Management to provide them with the amenities they cherish. Our fleet consists of state-of-the-art ships with modern accommodations, on-board recreational facilities, a library and music system. Crew members have Internet access to browse or communicate with their loved ones at home. They can also use social media, such as Facebook or Instagram, to keep in touch. What is more, they get comprehensive support from headquarters around the clock, and our monthly “crewsletter” keeps them updated on all company-related topics and more. Through Zeaborn Ship Management’s Innovation Forum we encourage employees to be creative and share new ideas.


It pays to go the extra mile. Zeaborn Ship Management safety, environmental, quality and energy management has been certified by DNV GL in accordance with the International Safety Management code to BS OHSAS 18001:2007, DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. Furthermore, DNV GL has awarded Zeaborn Ship Management the „DNV GL Excellence – 5 Stars“ certificate for reliable ship operations and the implementation of above-average safety, environmental and quality standards.


Ronald Schnitter

Crew / Contact

Director Fleet Personnel
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