“Zeaborn Ship Management has a lot of experience in the field of service, a good communication structure and a first-class organisational set-up for seafarers.”

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The best vessel is one you do not have to worry about. We offer you one-stop shopping convenience while placing great emphasis on close collaboration between you, the management of  Zeaborn Ship Management and our service departments.

Every customer has specific needs, and we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We know what liner companies, ship owners, banks and private-equity-backed owners need. Therefore, we not only offer a comprehensive range of ship management services but also work closely with each customer to tailor a custom package of quality ship management services to their individual requirements. In all this we never lose our focus on the core objective: Achieving the best possible results for each owner!

Zeaborn Ship Management offers ship management from the owner’s perspective, seeking to find the perfect balance between the three key factors cost, income and quality:


Technical Management

Backed by decades of shipowning know-how and solid technical expertise, Zeaborn Ship Management takes an interdisciplinary approach to Technical Management that gives you peace of mind:

  • In-depth experience, flexibility and a flat hierarchy for fast decision-making
  • Specialised, interdisciplinary fleet teams ensure seamless ship management services 
  • Smooth operations across the entire ship lifecycle guaranteed
  • Smart procurement to save you money

Crew Management

At Zeaborn Ship Management we take our responsibility as an employer seriously, providing attractive working conditions and thorough training to make sure our crews are among the best. We

  • employ well-trained international seafarers
  • operate our own crewing agency in Manila, Philippines
  • provide on-board Performance Support Programmes for our crews
  • ensure quality services by delivering certified continuous training programmes
  • enforce regulatory compliance through innovative HR management practices and state-of-the-art software.

Quality Management

Zeaborn Ship Management keeps a close watch over its fleet to ensure consistent, outstanding quality of operations, enabling customers to reach new dimensions of shipping profitability.

  • Our stringent quality management system safeguards the high quality of our services while helping us identify new potential for optimisation
  • Our holistic business approach makes sure nothing goes unnoticed
  • Advanced, smart information analytics help us keep track of operations
  • A system of performance benchmarks ensures consistent quality assessments for optimising operational processes



Commercial Management

Our dedicated consultant teams will work with each customer to develop strategies to optimise charter contracts, ship deployment and capacity for maximum business success.

  • We draw on decades of experience in chartering
  • We network with top liner companies worldwide
  • We are represented globally by Harper Petersen offices in Hamburg, Singapore and Shanghai
  • Our Marine Operations department answers questions regarding the charter party
  • We ensure transparent coordination of after-sales service -> ‘One Face to The Customer’

Financial Services

Customers intending to invest in their fleet in operation can count on the expert knowledge and decision support of Zeaborn Ship Management’s financial consultancy services. We provide:

  • customised OPEX-reporting 
  • a portfolio of KPIs to support your decisions
  • consistent liquidity, interest and currency management 
  • live ship performance information on your web-based Owner’s Deck 

Key Account Management


Our Key Account Manager is the dedicated point of entry for our customers. By accompanying the phase-in of the customer’s vessels, the Key Account Manager ensures a smooth entry into our ship management service. Throughout the business relationship we pursue to establish Zeaborn Ship Managements’ Key Accounts as our partners, aiming at adding maximum value via thorough understanding of our customers’ needs. Hence, we believe in an open and direct communication as the best way to serve our customer’s interests and see ourselves as a part to contribute achieving their targets.

“I am in constant dialogue with our ship owners about the current situation regarding their vessels and proactively address specific topics to enable them to tap further potential.”

Alexander Held, Key Account Manager

Owner’s Deck

Keeping you updated on vessel status

To meet the increasing requirements towards reporting and transparency Zeaborn Ship Management established the online platform “Owner’s Deck” which visualises live, customised, processed information about your fleet. You can review the commercial and technical status of the managed fleet at any time and access financial reports when needed. 


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Matthias Bücker

Senior Vice President Key Account Management
Phone: +49 40 50098-1850