HAMBURG, 20 April 2020 - Zeaborn Ship Management would like to provide a short update in relation to the tragic events on our managed container vessel "Spirit of Hamburg" in the port of Cartagena, Colombia on April 16, 2020.

First and foremost we would again like to express our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of our valued colleague Captain Myo Tun Zaw. We will never be able to really understand the pain and sense of loss that his loved ones must be feeling after they had sadly been informed by us that he was killed on board his ship in Cartagena on 16 April 2020. His officers and crew on board and all of us ashore share their grief and are asking ourselves what happened and why?

The Colombian Authorities in Cartagena are meanwhile carrying out their investigation and through our representatives and crew we, as managers of the ship, are cooperating as much as we can with them. They have confirmed that they will put all their professional capabilities into this investigation; we respect and appreciate this. Due to (corona) travel restrictions it is impossible for us to have anyone from Hamburg attend the ship in Cartagena now, but we are in regular contact with our crew on board and our representatives in Colombia.

Since the official investigation is continuing, we have no further information on the culprit(s) of this terrible crime. In the meantime we have noticed a lot of speculation on social media and in some of the traditional press on what might have happened. As long as the authorities have not finished their investigation and announced official results we believe it is inappropriate to draw any conclusions which are not only premature but also are extremely upsetting for our crew and their families at home.

What we want to confirm is that the ship is registered in the Isle of Man Register, and dismiss reports of German flag and jurisdiction. The Isle of Man Register on their website have also confirmed that the Colombian Authorities have jurisdiction over the investigation of this crime. The crew of our vessel originate from Myanmar, Ethiopia and Russia and contrary to some media reports not from the Philippines. They are all professional seafarers whom we are supporting to the best of our ability and who have been offered psychological help.

Through local representatives in Myanmar we are doing our utmost to support the family of Captain Myo Tun Zaw as well as the direct family of the other seafarers at this extremely difficult time. Again travel restrictions prevent us regrettably from traveling to Myanmar to express our personal respect and condolences. Similar contact was made with the families of the other nationalities seafarers.

The events on board the "Spirt of Hamburg" are a great tragedy. Once more we want to emphasize that we have to support and wait for the Colombian Authorities whom we are sure are making every effort to bring their investigation to a conclusive end.

Yours Sincerely,
Michael Brandhoff, Erik Kruse, Rob Grool


HAMBURG, 18 April 2020 - Managers Zeaborn Ship Management regret to advise that in the afternoon of 16 April 2020 one of its valued seafarers of its managed container vessel Spirit of Hamburg has suffered fatal injuries following what is believed to be a violent incident with an intruder onboard the ship in the port of Cartagena, Colombia.

Zeaborn Ship Management would like to express its deepest condolences to the family and friends of the seafarer. The next of kin of the crew member have been notified and will be offered full support in this very difficult time. The crew of Spirit of Hamburg will be receiving psychological help following the tragic death of their colleague.

Immediately after the incident all relevant authorities and parties have been notified. Representatives of the company have arrived in Cartagena for further support to the crew. The exact circumstances of the violent incident are yet unknown and police have started an official investigation into the events and conducted interviews with the crew of Spirit of Hamburg. In order to not interfere with the investigation of the local police Zeaborn Ship Management will refrain from making any further statements at this stage.

Authorities in Columbia have meanwhile granted permission for the vessel to move from berth to inner anchorage.

Zeaborn Ship Management is aware of social media reports circulating that the crew would be of Filipino nationality. This is incorrect. We would like to add that three senior officers are one month beyond their contractual relief date, but they are showing great professionalism in making the best of the current relief/repatriation restrictions. All other crew are due for relief between now and October.

Yours Sincerely,
Zeaborn Ship Management


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