There were again copy-and-paste news reports about Covid-19 cases on board our managed ship MONTPELLIER. Just to give you the facts, here is an update:

Three crew on the MONTPELLIER showed symptoms in line with Covid-19, so they were tested on arrival of the ship in South Africa. Two tested positive and the ship was ordered into quarantine by the Authorities. Later two more crew member tested positive.

Towards the end of that quarantine period the crew were re-tested and  while one tested negative we do not have the test results of the other three yet.

We are very pleased to know that all crew members on board are doing well, including those who were tested positive, while following the company´s contingency plan to contain the infection to that small number of crew.   

We fully cooperate with the local Authorities to try to reduce the quarantine period as much as possible, but always with the safety our people in mind!


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