Zeaborn Ship Management is a pure third party ship manager. We manage our customers’ vessels as if they were our own, based on a long history as ship owner. We focus on Safety, Transparency, Asset Protection and Reliability.

Our ship management portfolio includes Crew Management, Technical Management, Safety & Quality, OPEX Controlling & Accounting as well as tailored reporting based on customers individual requirements. We also offer additional services as Insurance Arrangement & Claims Management, Chartering & Post-Fixture Operations, Newbuilding Supervision and Technical Consultancy Services.

Through our affiliated companies we realize considerable savings potential for our customers: Together with our partners we develop digital solutions for the maritime industry to simplify and accelerate processes across all aspects of ship management.

Crew Management

At Zeaborn Ship Management special focus is given to career development and training. From Performance Support Programs (PSP)/ “Train-the-Trainer”, Computer based training solutions and Health Conscious Behavior Programs up to Maritime Resource Management (MRM).

We identify and nurture talents who take pride in their profession, understand the future challenges of the industry and have appropriate business acumen. Cadet and training programs as well as streamlined relief and promotion planning are further vital pillars of our success.

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Managing Director Zeaborn Crew Management
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Technical Management

Zeaborn Ship Management operates their managed vessels with the focus on safety and efficiency always having in mind the needs of owners, charterers, class societies, flag and port states. Therefore, the interaction between shore and sea is very close.

Our teams ashore with dedicated Super Intendants for the individual customers are responsible for the vessel’s condition including maintenance and repairs, budgeting, IT supply, vetting, performance monitoring, compliance with regulatory requirements, procurement, dry docking and - smooth operation. A worldwide first-class network supports us.


CONTACT Michael-Brandhoff

COO of Zeaborn Ship Management
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Safety & Quality

At Zeaborn Ship Management we have made Safety our DNA. By joining the voluntary initiative UN Global Compact, Zeaborn Ship Management has made far-reaching commitments in terms of environment protection, employment standards and the fight against corruption.

With Maritime Resource Management (MRM) and the continuous repetition of our challenge and intervention culture we make our managed vessels and life on board safer – and save our customers’ money. Compliance with national and international rules and regulations is an essential basis for achieving this. 



Tanker division “Zeaborn Tankers”




To further increase the safety awareness of all employees ashore and at sea, we recently kicked-off a noon-to-noon safety celebration “ZEABORN 24” under the motto: 'Safety @ ZEA brings you home safely', when, within 24 hours, management representatives of Zeaborn Ship Management called the seagoing staff on board our managed fleet to talk about all aspects of safety on board. As it had been so well received, we will make an annual event of it.


Contact Michael Duque

Senior Vice President Marine & Quality
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We provide a comprehensive tailormade OPEX reporting with customized frequency and details including short-term liquidity planning if requested.

We manage an obvious separation in budgeted and unforeseen costs. Items are clearly separated in different categories as modification, investment, extraordinary expenses, upgrades, etc. A flexible accounting scheme enables personalized data mapping to owners’ chart of account, which is adaptable to the ship owners’ requirements.


CONTACT Christian Ramm

Project Manager Finance & Controlling
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Our Key Account Managers organize and coordinate the vessel’s phase-in process and ensure a smooth entry into the ship management services of Zeaborn Ship Management, bringing together experts from all departments. Individual solutions and reporting tools for the customers’ complete our service.

CONTACT Matthias Bücker

Senior Vice President Key Account Management
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Additional services


From the planning and construction until the handover to owner: We have a proven track-record of more than 100 newbuildings realized in the last years in Asia and Europe! By being on-site, monitoring and closely following all developments during the complete production process, we make sure our customer will get exactly the vessel he has contracted.


Contact Arnim von der Lieth



We handle Chartering, Marine Operations & Charter Control matters in order to ensure service reliability for our customers. Our team works closely with owners and charterers to develop tailor made solutions and strategies for maximum vessel employment success and smooth ship operations.

An extensive charter relationship management with personal contact ensures a large network amongst all major charterers and makes sure most attractive employment possibilities.



We make sure our customers are protected against financial risks when an adverse event occurs. Among others, we offer coverage arrangements for Hull & Machinery, Protection & Indemnity, Loss of Hire, War Risk, Deviation, Strike & Delay. To us, providing tailor-made risk coverage is part of our responsibility towards our customers’ assets. Therefore, we have carefully chosen the best insurance companies as our partners and we manage claims in a professional, timely and cost-effective manner.


contact Momme Willer

Senior Vice President Chartering
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Affiliated Companies

Bestship: Holistic Optimization Advice

There are many areas within the shipping business where efficiency can be improved significantly. BestShip offers holistic optimization consultancy and the development and implementation of performance-enhancing measures for investors, owners, charterers and ship managers in the following fields:

  • Riding Squads: experts for deck maintenance & engine overhauls
  • Energy Efficiency Projects (bow, propeller & cargo capacity boost)
  • Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS)
  • Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS)
  • Docking & Repair Services

Contact Stefan Schindler

Senior Vice President Projects & Performance
Phone: +49 40 50098 – 1560


BestShip partners with the maritime start-up Trusted Docks, a clever new platform, founded on AI-based technology, enabling ship owners and managers to compare and quickly and cost-effectively find a reliable shipyard for regular drydockings, ship repairs, and refits or modifications.

Read more: www.trusteddocks.com/discover

tec pier: start-up investor and venture builder

In a continuously changing environment, it is of vital importance to invest in new ideas and up-to-date maritime technology. That is what we do with our affiliated company Tec Pier, a venture builder and a start-up investor. Some of the latest investments are NautilusLog, a digital ship & shore logbook app and Closelink, an online platform for marine lubricants.

Read more: www.tecpier.com


Our cooperation with a major liner company and our strategic internal procurement team creates sustainable competitive advances for our customers: Clustering volumes based on more than 450 vessels, gives us strong purchasing power for the benefit of our customers with full transparency a matter of course.

Contact Sven Henze

Senior Vice President Procurement


We offer a global presence through our affiliated ship broker Harper Petersen, who is one of the world’s largest commercial container vessel broker with offices in Hamburg, Singapore, Shanghai and The Netherlands. In 2019, Harper Petersen joined forces with MPC Capital. They have combined their activities in shipbroking, chartering and commercial management.

Read more: www.harperpetersen.com


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Managing Director
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Managing Director
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