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The Zeaborn Ship Management Customer Relations Department forms the interface between the vessel, the different Zeaborn Ship Management departments and the charterers. The department handles all Chartering, Marine Operations & Charter Control matters in order to ensure service reliability for its customers, 24/7. The dedicated team works closely with owners and charterers to develop tailor made solutions and strategies for maximum vessel employment success and smooth ship operations. An extensive network amongst all major charterers ensures most attractive employment possibilities.

Chartering & Charter control


Chartering & Charter Control is very much a matter of mutual trust. Hence Zeaborn Ship Management maintains close and direct relationships with all leading operators in the industry. Based on decades of experience, Zeaborn Ship Management knows how to achieve sustainable vessel performance, always working closely with the charterer and keeping information flows transparent. The Chartering Department:

  • Develops and discusses the chartering strategy with owners to optimise asset deployment, ensuring sustainable and solid revenues
  • Constantly communicates with charterers and brokers to plan and evaluate the right employments
  • Negotiates, concludes and executes the charter party terms
  • Offers a global presence through its affiliated ship broker Harper Petersen with offices in Hamburg, Singapore and Shanghai
  • Ensuring budget and cash flow sensitive marine accounting to enhance asset performance and protection



Marine Operations provides comprehensive after-sales service to customers. They are Zeaborn Ship Management’s dedicated team to handle post-fixture matters. In particular,  the responsibilities include:

  • Coordination between owners, charterers and the vessel to ensure smooth operations
  • Practical implementation of charter party conditions 
  • Developing flexible and profitable solutions in the best interest of both the charterer and the owner

Momme Willer

Senior Vice President Chartering / Customer Relations
Phone: +49 040 50098-1811

Matthias Bücker

Senior Vice President Key Account Management & Customer Relations
Phone: +49 040 50098-1850