Crew Management

Crew is key

We put the best crew on board your ship: Committed, responsible employees whose skills we develop systematically. We have created a comprehensive personnel development curriculum including programmes such as periodical fleet officer meetings several days in length and onboard Performance Support programmes.

Our on-board training courses and classes are supplemented by custom-tailored online learning opportunities. Individual simulator training units round off the programme. 

Diversity defines our culture: Working with people from a broad spectrum of professional and cultural backgrounds is second nature to us. As we see it, diversity makes us all richer and broadens our horizon. Sharing, awareness and appreciation are core values of our corporate culture. Together, our people make sure you get “excellent results in shipping”.


Career Planning

Giving seafarers opportunities to grow as professionals along with the ressources they need to be in control of their own career is vital. We put great emphasis on performance reviews and your personal career development, offering a wide range of training programmes.

Personnel Development

Certified, state-of-the-art advanced training courses are provided to our seafarers. Our curricula are tailored to the needs of crews and designed to support individual talent development. This way we make sure all seafarers at Zeaborn Ship Management are ideally prepared for service on board our ships.

The following fields are covered:

  • Tailor-made ship handling courses for container & bulk vessels
  • Engine simulator courses for electronically controlled engines
  • Energy efficiency training
  • Mooring training
  • Bridge Resource Management training
  • Fleet Officer Meetings to network between ship & shore personnel
  • Leadership & intercultural communication

At Zeaborn Ship Management personnel development is a top priority. To improve communication between crews and shore-based personnel, Zeaborn Ship Management has established a Performance Support Programme (PSP). Knowing the operations on board, former Masters and Chief Engineers were specifically trained to sharpen the awareness of the crew regarding the expectations of the company and our customers with respect to safe and efficient operations. The PSP’s objective is to improve the performance of every individual crew member and thus the overall vessel’s performance.


Ronald Schnitter

Senior Vice President Fleet Personnel
Phone: +49 040 50098-1880