Customised insurance solutions at competitive rates: We make sure our customers are protected against financial risks when an adverse event occurs. 

Among others we offer coverage arrangements for 

  • Hull & Machinery: Comprehensive hull and machine insurance covering total loss as well as hull, machinery and equipment damage, general-average contributions and collision damage 
  • Protection & Indemnity: Liability coverage through P&I Clubs 
  • Loss of Hire: Coverage in case of down time caused by physical damage, including the resulting loss of income 
  • War Risk: Covers damage to the ship and loss of hire resulting from acts of war.
  • Deviation: pays for additional costs incurred by the ship owner in the event of necessary deviation due to death, injury, illness, accident of crew or passengers.
  • Strike & Delay: Covers costs for delays resulting from incidents such as officer or crew strikes, collision/grounding, stowaways etc.

To us, providing tailor-made risk coverage is part of our responsibility towards our customers’ assets. To live up to this responsibility, we have carefully chosen the best insurance companies as our partners.

We partner with

  • an international network of insurance companies covering all risks 
  • reputable insurance companies with top credit ratings  

Our customers can rely on the fact that we manage claims in a professional, timely and cost effective manner.