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Far Above Average

At Zeaborn Ship Management we are committed to protecting safety, health and the environment, minimising risk exposure, and complying with applicable international and national codes and standards. That goes without saying. But we go far beyond pure compliance with the rules of the trade. By joining the voluntary initiative United Nations Global Compact, Zeaborn Ship Management has made far-reaching commitments in terms of environment protection, employment standards and fighting corruption. As a founding member of the Container Ship Safety Forum, we take an active role in the development of better safety standards in the industry.

“Enhancing the safety culture is a matter of personal obligation and good teamwork on board and on shore.”

Waldemar Karniewicz / 
Quality Team Manager and Designated Person ashore (DPA)

Stringent safety standards

These aren’t empty words at Zeaborn Ship Management. Strict safety standards ensure that threats and risks to crew, ships, the environment or cargo ‒ and ultimately, to our customers ‒ are minimised. Compliance with national and international rules and regulations is an essential basis for achieving this. Crew training is among the top items on our agenda. Read more about Crew Management. Here again Zeaborn Ship Management‘s efforts go far beyond the legally required auditing process. By conducting various additional, voluntary internal and external navigational audits, Zeaborn Ship Management is always one step ahead of its competition.

Safety News

Zeaborn Ship Management has a very clear focus on safety and health. To further enhance the safety awareness of all employees ashore and at sea, a joint safety campaign with the motto “Home – Your reward for staying safe every day” has been initiated. Various measures aim at assessing risks properly. The overall goal is to make clear that safety on board can only be ensured with everyone protecting himself adequately and respecting all safety regulations. The campaign, which is set up for one year, will focus on a certain safety topic each quarter, starting with “Personal Protective Equipment”. Different safety posters foster the awareness that safety is not only important for seafarers but also for their families at home:

Uncompromising quality management 

Outstanding quality is the result of our holistic business approach. Using advanced, smart information analytics, Zeaborn Ship Management keeps a close watch over its fleet, defines performance benchmarks and optimises operational processes, enabling its clients to reach new dimensions of shipping profitability. Our stringent quality management system safeguards the high quality of our services while helping us identify new potential for optimisation.


Certified by DNV GL

It pays to go the extra mile. Zeaborn Ship Management’s Integrated Management System covers all aspects regarding safety, security, environment and energy efficiency. Consequently it is certified by DNV GL according to the ISM and ISPS code and the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001:2011 and the OHSAS 18001:2007 standards. Furthermore, DNV GL has awarded us the „DNV GL Excellence – 5 Stars“ certificate for reliable ship operations and the implementation of above-average safety, environmental and quality standards.



We are founding company of the Container Ship Safety Forum (CSSF). Launched in 2014, the CSSF is a global business-to-business network dedicated to improving safety performance and management practices in the container shipping industry. At the end of 2018 the CSSF had 20 members representing more than one third of the TEU capacity worldwide. All members collaborate to advance the continuous improvement of safety culture and performance in the container shipping industry by learning from each other, benchmarking themselves against peers, and establishing best practices. The organisation’s common aim is to establish a global safety standard for container shipping companies.


Sustainability is another area where Zeaborn Ship Management excels, exceeding applicable legal requirements to protect our natural environment. This includes a Whistleblower Hotline: +44 1249 661 808. A safe and secure mechanism available 24/7 enables callers to report any concerns regarding environmental issues arising at the workplace.

Nautical department

On board of Zeaborn Ship Management’s managed vessels every captain has 24/7 access to experienced ex-captains and superintendents ashore.
The headquarter thus provides valuable support with regard to navigating and maneuvering the vessel, as well as questions concerning ship handling and cargo care.


The Zeaborn Ship Management Vessel IT team provides support for about 700 PCs on board worldwide. The team ensures smoothly running systems on board, takes care of cyber security and guarantees the best possible prerequisites to collect and analyze data, e.g. for our Vessel Performance Monitoring Center.


Christoph Werner

Senior Vice President Marine & Quality
Phone: +49 40 50098-1580