Projects & Performance

Programmes for More Efficiency

More Cargo. Less Fuel. Full Transparency. Continuous improvements help you stay ahead in competition. We know the full range of what is possible and were among the first ship managers to introduce tailored modification programmes which deliver short-term return on investment.

Our customised efficiency enhancement solution packages will improve our customers’ 
success', boost their revenues and make their assets more flexible while ensuring their long-term benefits. We deploy advanced electronic measuring equipment and specialised software tools to allow customers to track how we work to maximise their added values.


Optimisation of Earnings

Zeaborn Ship Management offers a wide range of options to enhance energy efficiency and boost earnings by operating vessels at optimal capacity. We help our customers to maximise the commercial potential of their vessels with minimal modifications of existing equipment while strictly adhering to the highest safety standards. Examples include:

  • Conversion for new Panama canal transit
  • Air draft reduction
  • Wheelhouse elevation
  • Capacity increase
  • Reefer capacity increase
  • Route-specific container stowage

Achieving Exceptional Cost Savings

Our track record speaks for itself: Since 2014 we have carried out 25 bulbous bow and 30 propeller modifications – one per month on average. The company was the first world-wide to earn the classification society DNV GL’s “Modification Excellence Award”. Having retrofitted a large number of vessels with redesigned bulbous bows and propellers, we have the expertise to deliver sustainable results. In addition to these energy efficiency enhancing modifications, Zeaborn Ship Management has implemented numerous measures to improve ship flexibility and profitability, including draft increase, air draft reduction, Panama conversion, modification for ECA compliance and fuel flexibility. To express it in figures, between 2014 and 2015 we were able to save over 10 per cent on fuel costs over its entire fleet through different energy efficiency measures.


Vessel Performance Monitoring Center - A "SAFE" FOR YOUR FUEL

Fuel consumption not only represents the lion’s share of a ship’s operating costs, it also has a direct impact on the vessel’s environmental footprint, a factor of ever increasing importance. To thoroughly understand the implications you need solid, reliable, reproducible and analyzable data. From bunkering and trimming to route planning and selecting cruising speeds, Zeaborn Ship Management’s Vessel Performance Monitoring Center (VPMC) continuously checks vessel operation to reveal optimization areas in the operating profile.

The VPMC will then analyse the data to clearly identify all on-board units which unnecessarily consume energy. Transparent data reports show where you need to intervene to improve energy efficiency and to ensure optimal performance. Furthermore, our experts will support you in implementing the required steps, in times of increasing regulatory demands, from crew training through ensuring optimised performance in daily operations. In short, full transparency, fully supported by relevant data including our own crew.

Human Factor – Crew Advisory

Zeaborn Ship Management places strong emphasis on the human factor. Respecting the crew’s needs, ensuring adequate levels of knowledge, and providing continuous learning opportunities are vital to smooth ship operation. General information and focused advice are provided to the crew in various ways: 

  • Feedback from the VPMC
  • Dedicated performance support teams
  • Guidance via fleet circulars and an energy efficiency best practice handbook
  • Regular crew, coach and staff trainings


There are many areas within the shipping business where efficiency can be improved significantly. BestShip focuses on the three most promising ones: holistic performance management, cargo capacity optimisation and retrofitting. The goal is to achieve substantial, measurable savings and to enhance the vessel’s performance while improving its earnings.


Thiemo Ullrich

Senior Vice President Projects & Performance
Phone: +49 40 50098-1560