Technical Management
and Dockings

Ship Management at Its Best

With in-depth experience, a lean organization, flexibility and fast decisions, our interdisciplinary approach makes us an ideal provider of ship management services from both, the owner’s and the liner operator’s perspective: Offering a shipowner’s know-how as well as comprehensive commercial expertise, we are a reliable and competent partner to both parties.

Technical ship operation is a complex process which requires all elements to be coordinated perfectly to achieve excellent results. As a major market player we have provided technical management services for more than 100 vessels from the dry market over the past ten years. We guarantee smooth operations across the entire lifecycle; in short: Ship management from an owner’s perspective.

Since June 2019, the management of tankers is another core activity for Zeaborn Ship Management. Oil major approvals and market availability are our focus areas. Zeaborn Tankers’ strong safety record and vetting performance ensures maximum earning potential for the vessels.

In line with our management philosophy, our staff views tanker management from an owner’s perspective, giving priority to safety, preventive maintenance and flawless operation.

Zeaborn Tankers’ experience in global tanker management provides our customers with the competitive edge in the safe transportation of crude, products and chemical cargo around the world.

To ensure top performance, we

  • maximise efficiency

  • maximise reliability and operational availability

  • provide continuous performance monitoring

  • take a flexible and proactive management approach

  • have implemented a lean organisational structure

Our in-house docking team for container, bulker and multipurpose vessels e.g. plans and organises all dock-related maintenance and repair works – locally, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our customers benefit directly from our comprehensive experience managing a large fleet: During the past three years alone our experts managed two dockings per month on average, achieving outstanding results. Our commitment ensures trouble-free ship operation.

Dockings per month on average
10-year-average of vessels managed yearly