Technical Management
and Dockings

Ship Management at Its Best

With in-depth experience, a lean organization, flexibility and fast decisions, our interdisciplinary approach makes us an ideal provider of ship management services from both, the owner’s and the liner operator’s perspective: Offering a shipowner’s know-how as well as comprehensive commercial expertise, we are a reliable and competent partner to both parties.

Technical ship operation is a complex process which requires all elements to be coordinated perfectly to achieve excellent results. As a major market player we have provided technical management services for more than 100 vessels over the past ten years. We guarantee smooth operations across the entire lifecycle; in short: Ship management from an owner’s perspective.

To ensure top performance, we

  • maximise efficiency

  • maximise reliability and operational availability

  • provide continuous performance monitoring

  • take a flexible and proactive management approach

  • have implemented a lean organisational structure

Our in-house docking team e.g. plans and organises all dock-related maintenance and repair works – locally, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our customers benefit directly from our comprehensive experience managing a large fleet: During the past three years alone our experts managed two dockings per month on average, achieving outstanding results. Our commitment ensures trouble-free ship operation.

Dockings per month on average
10-year-average of vessels managed yearly